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Stress plays a crucial factor in employees' performance, engagement and overall health and well-being. As a result, maintaining a healthy lifestyle in this demanding world we live in, is getting increasingly more important.


Organizations and leaders know that employees' health is key to productivity and success. Employees who suffer from stress related health issues have lower engagement and are more likely to leave. Sickness can be prevented by showing employees how they can integrate simple mental and physical techniques that help increase  overall performance, focus and productivity.

Daniela has motivated hundreds of individuals through her highly energizing talks by covering a wide range of topics, such as mental fitness, digital detox, mindfulness, healthy habits or nutrition. 

As a Health Coach and speaker, Daniela delivers inspiring, fun and informative online trainings, workshops and key notes that ignite change. Her highly energizing and engaging talks leave her audience empowered and motivated to implement positive lifestyle changes, benefiting all those around them including the organization itself.

As an athlete and Feel Good Ambassador with a 20-year successful, international career, she firmly believes that taking care of the mental, physical and emotional health will unleash our true potential enabling us to create the life and career we desire.

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"Our Wayra team and international Startup Community recently participated in a workshop about Mental Fitness held by Daniela. During the one-hour session that started with a warm up exercise, Daniela shared useful insights to better deal with digital stress, taught simple techniques on how train our mind to stay calm and relaxed on stressful days and recommended powerful tools that help us achieve our business goals. Her great energy and positive mindset during the entire session was very inspiring. I truly believe that a healthy body and mind will give you the energy, focus and productivity you need to thrive in your business and personal life."

Katrin Bacic

Managing Director, Wayra Germany


Testimonial Speaking Engagement "Mental Fitness & Stress Management"

Testimonial Speaking Engagement "Mental Fitness & Stress Management"

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