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Jumpstart Program 

In this 3-week-coaching program, we will take an inventory of your health to discover the areas in your life that are out of balance e.g. nutrition, physical activity relationships, career. This will help you to get clear on your health goals and intentions so we can lay the groundwork for your lifestyle changes. You will feel more energized, get mental clarity and focus ready for your journey to a happier, healthier and more successful you. 

What's included:

  • 3 x 45 min health coaching sessions 

  • E-Mail & private Whats App Support


Only 297 Euro
(instead of 450 Euro)


Ready to make the first step towards better health and happiness

What my clients say...

A daily routine helps me feel more balanced

Sandra, Munich / Germany  


I felt trapped in an unhealthy way of living: little to no sports, overweight, no routine. Daniela helped me implement a weekly routine of swimming, walking and running. Now I listen to myself, my body and it‘s needs, especially in the morning.  I feel much more balanced especially since I stopped hitting the snooze button and value "Me Time".  

Daniela is passionate, honest and genuine. If you want to reach your goals  but don’t have much time, she is your coach – inspirational, fun and goal oriented, and always up for a good laugh. 

I implemented a healthier lifestyle 

Johanna, Paris / France 


Daniela played a crucial role during a difficult time in my professional career. She helped me implement small changes to a healthier and improved lifestyle, motivated me to start running and taught me to set low initial goals in order not to feel  overwhelmed and discouraged. I have gained a deeper knowledge about what I can do and how even 20 min of running can have such a deep impact on my entire life.

Thank you Daniela.

My body can now better handle stress

Broke, London / UK

Miriam M.JPG

I got very good insights from the Coaching with Daniela. I’m leading a very busy lifestyle juggling work and my growing business and started to realize that I only did Crossfit only because I thought it was the most challenging and effective sport to do. Daniela helped me realize that it’s not good for my body and even my physiotherapist confirmed it. For me its not effective at all and doesn’t help to release stress. I‘ve now switched to Yoga and group sessions at the gym. Despite my highly busy schedule, I’m feeling much better now.

You are one decision away from a complete different life. What are you waiting for? 

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