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your-health  Program 

Stronger immune system

More energy + mental clarity

Better health + fitness 


Are you ready to achieve a whole new level of health and fitness?


Feel more energized and vibrant

Lower cravings for sugar + junkfood

Enhance quality of your sleep 

Get fitter and healthier 

Be more focused and productive  


"The greatest investment we can make, is in our health."


A customized nutrition, fitness and mindset coaching consisting of:

Three virtual coaching sessions, each 45 min

Private E-Mail support

Personal health assessment to lay groundwork for your lifestyle changes. 

Shoppers guide for healthy foods that remove your digestive issues 

Weekly guidance and support so you can stay on track with your health goals


Are you struggling with low energy and mood swings?

Do you often suffer from illness, such as cold or flu or autoimmune disorders?

Are you dealing with cravings for sugar and junkfood?

Are you battling with digestive issues such as bloating or discomfort?

Do you desperately want to get rid of some extra kilos?

Have you tried to figure it out on your own but failed miserably because you were missing the support, accountability and guidance? 

If you answered "Yes", then this program is for you.

... and get fitter, healthier & more energized.

This program is changing lives.

I feel more relaxed, cheerful and optimistic.

I decided to work with Daniela to improve my eating habits, get more resilient in stressful situations and loose extra kilos. Thanks to her support during the 3-week Coaching program, I have been able to achieve a much better quality of life with small adjustments. I feel more relaxed, cheerful and more optimistic than before. And my concentration has increased. Daniela is an incredibly positive person who radiates a joy of life that is directly contagious. She has a high level of empathy, addresses problems openly and you notice that you are close to her heart and that you and your health are important to her. I would recommend her to anyone without exception.



Hi! I'm Daniela. 

As a Health Coach, I'm passionate about helping you to achieve your health and fitness goals. I support female professionals suffering from stress related health problems and help implement positive, long lasting lifestyle changes so they can become healthier, happier and more balanced in life and career.

After working in Corporate for almost 20 years and struggling with stress, nerviousness and feeling restlessness, I've learned that a healthy diet, regular exercise routine and a positive mindset help me to lead a successful and balanced life.

My coaching style is direct, inspirational, fun and goal-oriented. I listen well and help my clients to see patterns and identify obstacles in their lives that stand between them and their optimal health.

Let me be your guide towards better health and happiness.

Now is the time to make your health a priority. Take action today!

Are you ready to boost your health?

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