The secret to starting the new year with unlimited energy, joy and productivity lies in your daily routine. 

Would you like to get back into your health and fitness routine but are lacking discipline to stick to it?

Would you like to feel energized but struggle to get enough downtime?

Would you like to better manage stress but can't seem to relax? 

Join the Magical Morning Experience and feel your energy rising, your stress level decreasing and your happiness multiplying.

19 - 25 January 2022
7 days - 70 minutes - 7 mor
ning rituals

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  • How investing 10 min a day can help you transform your health, life, career and relationships

  • Easy and simple morning (and evening) rituals and habits that will boost your energy, mood and immunity 

  • Healthy, quick and nourishing recipes for your cold winter mornings 

  • How to integrate simple habits into your daily routine at the time that is best for you

  • Proven techniques to start your day in a powerful and positive way 

  • Ways to help you stay disciplined and committed so you can achieve your desired health goals (and fit into your favorite holiday dress)

  • The secret to more energy, confidence and success

Boost your mood, energy & health and start the year strong!


  • Proven self-care rituals that will help you jumpstart your day  :-)

  • Simple and quick recipes (satisfaction guaranteed)

  • Short and effective stretching exercises with immediate happiness effect 

  • SOS energy booster (will wake you up in 10 seconds)

  • Access to a private Whats app group for additional support  

  • My personal support during the 7 days

  • Daily, encouraging voice messages that will help you stay motivated 

  • Extra Bonus: Magical Morning Checklist to set you up for a successful day

  • Clear instructions with everything you need to prepare for the challenge 

  • Personalized Lifestyle and Dietary Suggestions

  • 50 Euro discount on "Jumpstart your Health" Group Coaching Program

All yours for only 35 €!


19 - 25 January 2022
7 days - 70 minutes - 7 morning rituals

Join this experience together with a group of amazing women and learn how investing in your health 10 min a day will boost your energy, mood and immunity so you can start the new year feeling happy, relaxed and joyful.



Dear Daniela, thank you very much for this course. I am sure, this course will help a lot of people for their personal growth. I absolutely loved it. You reminded me to take care of myself is the first priority.

Thanks again! Until the next time :)


Hi! I'm Daniela. 

As a Health Coach, I'm passionate about helping you to achieve your health and fitness goals. I support female professionals in their 30s and 40s that are stuck with their health to help them implement positive, long lasting lifestyle changes so they can feel more energized, vibrant and confident, and create the life and career they desire.

After working in Corporate for over 20 years and struggling with stress, and restlessness, I learned that true health requires taking care of my mental, emotional and physical health and well-being. A healthy diet, a regular exercise routine and a positive mindset help me lead a successful, joyful and balanced life.

I make my self-care a top priority every single day because the more I have, the more I can give :-) Life is the greatest ticket on earth so lets live it fully, all day every day!

Inspiring others to lead a healthier lifestyle is my greatest joy because:

Health is not a goal, its a lifestyle!

I very much look forward to meeting you.